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The XMM − Newton Omega project: III. Gas mass fraction shape in high redshift clusters

The XMM − Newton Omega project: III. Gas mass fraction shape in high redshift clusters

Publication date: 19 March 2005

Authors: R. Sadat et al.

Journal: Astronomy and Astrophysics

We study the gas mass fraction, f(gas), behavior in the XMM-Newton Omega project. The typical f(gas) shape of high redshift galaxy clusters follows the global shape inferred at low redshift quite well. This result is consistent with the gravitational instability picture leading to self similar structures for both the dark and baryonic matter. However, the mean f(gas) in distant clusters shows some differences to local ones, indicating a departure from strict scaling. This result is consistent with the observed evolution in the luminosity-temperature relation. We quantitatively investigate this departure from scaling laws. Within the local sample we used, a moderate but clear variation of the amplitude of the gas mass fraction with temperature is found, a trend that weakens in the outer regions. These variations do not explain departure from scaling laws of our distant clusters. An important implication of our results is that the gas fraction evolution, a test of the cosmological parameters, can lead to biased values when applied at radii smaller than the virial radius. From our XMM clusters, the apparent gas fraction at the virial radius is consistent with a non-evolving universal value in a high matter density model and not with a concordance.

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