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Jovian Studies Overview

Jovian Studies Overview

Publication date: 31 March 2007

Authors: Atzei, A., et al.

Issue: 3
Page: 1-146
Year: 2007

Copyright: ESA

This document has been prepared to give a concise overview of the studies that have been performed in the framework of the Jovian related Technology Reference Studies. The goal of these studies is the identification of technologies that are required to enable possible low resource missions to the Jovian System. These activities are subdivided in three main topics:

  • The Jovian Minisat Explorer (JME): The exploration of Europa and the Jovian System
  • The Jupiter Entry Probe (JEP): In situ exploration of the Jovian atmosphere up to 100 bar
  • The Jovian System Explorer (JSE): Study of the Jovian magnetosphere and the Jovian System

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