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DARWIN System Assessment Study - Alcatel Summary Report

DARWIN System Assessment Study - Alcatel Summary Report

Publication date: 15 February 2007

Authors: C. Ruilier, M. Sghedoni and R. Krawczyk

Issue: 01.0
Page: 1-30
Year: 2007

Copyright: Alcatel Alenia Space

This report is the summary of the work done in the DARWIN System Assessment Study and presents its main results: selected concept and architecture, preliminary design, main performance at functional and interface levels. This study has spanned around 12 months, featuring:

  • a Phase 1 devoted to requirements review and architecture trade-of: it has led to the selection of the non planar arrangement
  • a Phase 2 devoted to preliminary design: together with the consolidation of the selected arrangement, it has produced the payload and spacecraft preliminary design, including performance budgets

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