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Study Overview of the Interstellar Heliopause Probe

Study Overview of the Interstellar Heliopause Probe

Publication date: 18 April 2007

Authors: A.E. Lyngvi, M.L. van den Berg, P. Falkner

Volume: SCI-A/2006/114/IHP
Issue: 3, revision 4
Page: 1-40
Year: 2007

Copyright: ESA

This document provides an overview of the Interstellar Heliopause Probe system design study. The Interstellar Heliopause Probe (IHP) is one of the Technology Reference Studies (TRS) introduced by the Science Payload & Advanced Concepts Office (SCI-A) at ESA. The overall purpose of the TRSs is to focus the development of strategically important technologies that are of likely relevance to potential future science missions. This is accomplished through the study of technologically demanding and scientifically interesting missions, which are currently not part of the ESA science programme. The TRSs subsequently act as a reference for possible future technology development activities. This study overview summarizes the IHP system design study and payload assessment study performed by, respectively, Kayser-Threde [Leipold05], and Cosine Research [Kraft05]. The results of this study have also been presented at a number of conferences and published in several journals (see section 8 for an overview).

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