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Introduction to the Instrumentation Division (SCI-FI)

Introduction to the Instrumentation Division (SCI-FI)

The Instrumentation Division (SCI-FI) is in charge of all science instrumentation activities within the Future Missions Department with the exception of the PRODEX activities which are handled by the PRODEX Office (SCI-FE).

The Instrumentation Division has a number of key tasks:

  • Supporting the preparation of Calls for Missions in the Cosmic Vision programme, in particular for all instrumentation aspects
  • Leading instrument system studies for Phases 0, A and B1, in particular by supporting all instrumentation aspects of the spacecraft system studies, under the responsibility of the Mission Studies Office (SCI-FM)
  • Ensuring the technical interface with the Instrumentation Consortia for all missions under preparation
  • Contributing to the preparation for and participation in key reviews during the mission preparation phase
  • Providing payload validation capabilities through dedicated test setups and experts
  • Implementing payload validation activities, in support to the science missions in all phases and to the scientific activities within Science Support Office (SCI-S)
  • Supporting PRODEX activities by providing dedicated expertise and/or implementing specific validation activities
  • Contributing to the mission technology preparation activities, in coordination with the Technology Preparation Section (SCI-FT) by:
    • Providing inputs for all instrumentation aspects of the technology needs for future missions under study
    • For all missions under preparation, ensuring consistency between the Directorate of Science’s technology work plans and the science mission needs regarding instrumentation aspects
    • Implementing technology activities

Organizational details

The Instrumentation Division is currently composed of:

  • Instrument Studies Section (SCI-FIS): devoted to the studies of future missions in the Cosmic Vision programme
  • Payload Validation Section (SCI-FIV): devoted to the validation of critical instrument-related performance. The payload validation activities consist of mission specific instrument hardware characterisation made in the laboratory facilities, such as specific detector performance verifications in thermal vacuum and cryogenic environment. The payload validation activities support the Science Directorate activities in all mission phases: future missions under definition, projects under development (e.g PLATO) and missions in operation (e.g. Gaia). In addition to these mission-related activities, the section provides specific support to research activities that are conducted in the Science Support Office (SCI-S).


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