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CDF Study Report: Small Planetary Platforms (SPP) in NEO and MAB

CDF Study Report: Small Planetary Platforms (SPP) in NEO and MAB

Publication date: 12 June 2018

Year: 2018

Copyright: ESA

ESA's Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) has completed an assessment study of Small Planetary Platforms (SPP): small mission concepts that include a mothercraft and a swarm of small satellites that can be deployed. ESA's Science Directorate requested and managed the study as one of three topics selected for investigation following the "New Science Ideas" call for proposals.

The concept studied was a proposal to perform multi-point (and possibly multi-target) measurements around small bodies (asteroids and comets), as well as Mars or Venus, to gather information from different locations simultaneously.

The main goal of the study was not to design a specific mission but to provide a "tool-box" of technical building blocks the community can use to develop these new planetary mission architectures, in reply to future science calls.

The full CDF study report consists of three main reports, each available in pdf format below:

Reference Document
CDF-178(A) SPP assessment for Near Earth Object (NEO) Inactive Bodies
CDF-178(B) SPP assessment for Main Asteroid Belt (MAB) Active Bodies
CDF-178(C) SPP Executive Summary, compiling the main aspects of the two other reports, the system-level and main sub-system level trade-offs and covering the top level synthesis


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