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The Hyades: distance, structure, dynamics, and age

The Hyades: distance, structure, dynamics, and age

Publication date: 01 March 1998

Authors: Perryman, M.C., et al.

Journal: Astronomy & AStrophysics
Volume: 331
Page: 81-120
Year: 1998

Copyright: A&A

We use absolute trigonometric parallaxes from the Hipparcos Catalogue to determine individual distances to members of the Hyades cluster, from which the 3-dimensional structure of the cluster can be derived. Inertially-referenced proper motions are used to rediscuss distance determinations based on convergent-point analyses. A combination of parallaxes and proper motions from Hipparcos, and radial velocities from ground-based observations, are used to determine the position and velocity components of candidate members with respect to the cluster centre, providing new information on cluster membership: 13 new candidate members within 20 pc of the cluster centre have been identified. Farther from the cluster centre there is a gradual merging between certain cluster members and field stars, both spatially and kinematically.

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