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Turbulent Cauldron of Starbirth in Nearby Active Galaxy

Turbulent Cauldron of Starbirth in Nearby Active Galaxy

Date: 15 May 1998
Depicts: Centaurus A, NGC 5128, IRAS 13225-4245
Copyright: NOAO/AURA/NSF

NGC5128 is a type E0 peculiar elliptical galaxy in the constellation Centaurus. This galaxy is one of the most luminous and massive galaxies known and is a strong source of both radio and X-ray radiation. It acquired its alternative designation of Centaurus A precisely because it's the strongest radio source in Centaurus. Some theories suggest that the nucleus is experiencing giant explosions involving millions of stars and that the dark band across the galactic disk is material being ejected outward: others suggest the band is debris from a smaller dusty galaxy that is being absorbed by Centaurus A. No doubt studies will continue. Photograph from the Cerro Tololo InterAmerican Observatory 4-meter Blanco telescope.
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