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Hubble Ultraviolet View of Nearby Galaxies

Hubble Ultraviolet View of Nearby Galaxies

Depicts: NGC 3310, IRAS 10356+5345, ESO0418-008, IRAS 03294-3022, UCG06471, UGC06472
Copyright: Rogier Windhorst (Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ), the Hubble mid-UV team and NASA

Astronomers are using these three Hubble telescope images of nearby galaxies to help tackle the question of why their distant relatives have such odd shapes, appearing markedly different from the typical "ellipticals" and "spirals" seen in the nearby universe. By viewing these galaxies in ultraviolet light, astronomers can compare their shapes with those of their distant relatives. The results of their survey support the idea that astronomers are detecting the "tip of the iceberg" of very distant galaxies. Based on these Hubble ultraviolet images, not all the faraway galaxies necessarily possess intrinsically odd shapes.
Last Update: 1 September 2019
21-Jul-2024 15:27 UT

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