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KBO Orbits Diagram

KBO Orbits Diagram

Date: 12 September 2003
Depicts: 2000 FV530, 2003 BF91, 2003 BG91, and 2003 BH91
Copyright: NASA and A. Feild (STScI)

The three new Kuiper Belt members discovered by Hubble are up to 100 times fainter than this one. In fact, the objects are so faint that they cannot be seen by the human eye. Astronomers used computer analysis to find them. This image spans about 0.04 percent of the area of the full moon, less than 0.01 degree of the sky. Astronomers used Hubble to search an area 250 times arger than shown in this image, discovering three new solar system "fossils" as small as 15 miles (25 km) across.
Last Update: 1 September 2019
20-May-2024 09:03 UT

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