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PR 06-1995: Hubble Space Telescope, presentation of scientific results

PR 06-1995: Hubble Space Telescope, presentation of scientific results

13 February 1995

After last year's successful repair mission, the Hubble Space Telescope has finally become the powerful observatory it was meant to be, delivering a constant flow of amazing scientific results.

Scientific results obtained with HST during the past twelve months will be presented to the media by a team of European astronomers on Tuesday 21 February at 10:30 at ESA HQ in Paris. Dr Peter Jakobsen will describe recent results on the intergalactic helium.

Dr. Duccio Macchetto will summarize work on the extragalactic distance scale and the structure of active galaxies. Dr. Francesco Paresce will describe recent efforts to identify the dark matter, of which the results seem to affect our present knowledge of the evolution of stars.

The European contribution to the Hubble Space Telescope consists of the Faint-Object Camera, a sophisticated instrument capable of detecting small and remote objects in the Universe, and the high-technology solar arrays that power the telescope, while fifteen scientific and technical ESA staff provide support at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore. In return European astronomers have access to the telescope for at least 15% of the available observation time. If you intend to participate in this briefing you are kindly requested to return the attached form by fax +33 (0) 1 53 69 76 90, to ESA Public Relations Division.

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