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Chandra 3-Color X-ray Image of N 63A

Chandra 3-Color X-ray Image of N 63A

Date: 07 June 2005
Satellite: Chandra
Depicts: N 63A, LHA 120-N 63A, SNR 0535-66.0, DEM L 243
Copyright: NASA/CXC/Rutgers/J.Warren et al.

Chandra's image of N63A shows material heated to about ten million degrees Celsius by a shock wave generated by the supernova explosion. The fluffy crescent-shaped X-ray features that appear around the edge of the remnant are thought to be fragments of high-speed matter shot out from the star when it exploded, like shrapnel from a bomb. The colours red, green and blue in the image correspond to low, medium and high-energy X-rays, respectively. The image is 112 arcsec per side.
Last Update: 1 September 2019
24-Apr-2024 21:54 UT

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