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Science Instrument Control and Data Handling Unit

Science Instrument Control and Data Handling Unit

Date: 30 September 2008
Satellite: Hubble Space Telescope
Depicts: Science Instrument Control and Data Handling Unit
Copyright: NASA

The Science Instrument Control and Data Handling (SI C&DH) unit keeps all science instrument systems synchronized. It works with the on-board Data Management Unit (DMU) to process, format, temporarily store on the data recorders, or transmit to the ground all science and engineering data created by the instruments.

The SI C&DH is mounted on the door of Bay 10 in the equipment section of the Support Systems Module (SSM). The equipment section is a ring of storage bays located just behind the two high gain antennas (where Hubble's diameter increases from 3 m to 4.2 m).

The opened door of Bay 10 is seen in this image, showing the main components of the SI C&DH which are attached to an orbital replacement unit (ORU) tray:

upper left and right:   2× 4 memory modules
lower left and right: 2× control unit/science data formatter +
2× remote interface unit
top centre: 2 central processor modules +
2 standard interfaces
lower centre: power control unit

For redundancy these components actually form 2 identical sets, referred to as side A and side B.

The white bar in the middle of the SI C&DH unit components is the extravehicular activity handle, for holding the ORU tray and the SI C&DH unit when it is not attached to the door.

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