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Artist's concept of exoplanet orbiting Fomalhaut

Artist's concept of exoplanet orbiting Fomalhaut

Date: 12 November 2008
Satellite: Hubble Space Telescope
Depicts: Fomalhaut
Copyright: ESA, NASA and L. Calçada (ESO)

This illustration shows the newly discovered planet, Fomalhaut b, orbiting its sun, Fomalhaut.

The structure depicted around Fomalhaut b is a Saturn-like ring that astronomers say may encircle the planet.

Fomalhaut also is surrounded by a ring of material. The edge of this vast disk is shown in the background as the curving cloud-like feature that appears to intersect the 200-million year-old star. Fomalhaut b lies 3000 million kilometres inside the disk's inner edge. The planet completes an orbit around Fomalhaut every 872 years.

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