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The geometry of MACS J0717

The geometry of MACS J0717

Date: 16 October 2012
Satellite: Hubble Space Telescope
Depicts: MACS J0717.5+3745
Copyright: NASA, ESA, Harald Ebeling (University of Hawaii), Karen Teramura (University of Hawaii)

This diagram shows Hubble's image of MACS J0717 overlaid with the location of the cluster and filament's mass (in blue), and with a schematic of the cluster and filament (in white). Below, the diagram shows the geometry from our perspective in which the filament lies almost directly along our line of sight, and from a different perspective in which the filament is seen side-on. This shows how the filament appears greatly foreshortened from our perspective.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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