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First results from the Hubble OPAL program: Jupiter in 2015

First results from the Hubble OPAL program: Jupiter in 2015

Publication date: 08 October 2015

Authors: Simon, A.A., Wong, M.H. and Orton, G.S.

Journal: The Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 812
Issue: 1
Page: 55
Year: 2015

Copyright: © 2015. The American Astronomical Society

The Hubble 2020: Outer Planet Atmospheres Legacy program is generating new yearly global maps for each of the outer planets. This report focuses on Jupiter results from the first year of the campaign. The zonal wind profile was measured and is in the same family as the Voyager and Cassini era profiles, showing some variation in mid- to high-latitude wind jet magnitudes, particularly at +40° and -35° planetographic latitude. The Great Red Spot continues to maintain an intense orange coloration, but also shows new internal structures, including a reduced core and new filamentary features. Finally, a wave that was not previously seen in Hubble images was also observed and is interpreted as a baroclinic instability with associated cyclone formation near 16° N latitude. A similar feature was observed faintly in Voyager 2 images, and is consistent with the Hubble feature in location and scale.

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