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COSPAR report on Planetary Protection

COSPAR report on Planetary Protection

Publication date: 16 August 2009

Authors: Rummel, J., et al.

Journal: European Space Policy Institute (ESPI)
Year: 2009

The prospects for continued exploration and discovery in the Outer Planets of the Solar System have never been better. Among others, the Rosetta, Dawn, and New Horizons missions are enroute, the Cassini mission continues its comprehensive exploration of the saturnian system, and the Juno mission is preparing for a 2011 launch to Jupiter. Elsewhere, NASA and ESA are focusing on a flagship-class mission opportunity to Europa and the rest of the Jovian system, followed by a mission back to Titan, and a New Frontiers announcement of opportunity has been released by NASA to solicit missions across a wide spectrum, including missions to the South Pole of the Earth's Moon, Venus, the surface of a comet (and back again), Mars, Mercury, the Trojan or Centaur asteroids in Jupiter's orbit, other asteroids (and back again), Io, or Ganymede. New missions are also under way at ESA.

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