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JUICE propulsion system piping

JUICE propulsion system piping

Date: 23 October 2019
Satellite: JUICE
Copyright: Courtesy of ArianeGroup

A section of the network of piping to distribute the propellant of the propulsion system for ESA's JUICE mission.

The delivery of the primary spacecraft structure, in September 2019, marked the beginning of the flight model assembly, with the integration of the propulsion system that will enable the mission to reach and study Jupiter and its moons.

The primary structure of the spacecraft is part of the so-called Structure, Shielding and Thermal Subsystem (SSTS), built under the responsibility of Airbus Defence & Space in Madrid, Spain, with participation by RUAG Space Switzerland and RUAG Space Austria.

The integration of the spacecraft's propulsion system will, however, involve much more than installing two propellant tanks. Eventually, three fairly small tanks, each filled with helium pressurant, will be affixed around the exterior of the central cylinder, together with all the necessary plumbing. Some 130 metres of titanium piping, such as the tubes shown in this image, will also have to be installed and welded in the STSS.

Last Update: 24 October 2019
18-Jun-2024 15:56 UT

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