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LISA Pathfinder (Invited paper - 7th Edoardo Amaldi Conference)

LISA Pathfinder (Invited paper - 7th Edoardo Amaldi Conference)

Publication date: 08 June 2008

Authors: McNamara, P., Vitale, S., Danzmann, K.

Journal: Class. Quantum Gravity
Volume: 25
Page: 114034
Year: 2008

Copyright: IOP Publishing Ltd

LISA Pathfinder (formerly known as SMART-2) is an ESA mission designed to pave the way for the joint ESA/NASA Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission by testing in-flight the critical technologies required for spaceborne gravitational wave detection; it will put two test masses in a nearperfect gravitational free fall, and control and measure their motion with an unprecedented accuracy. This is achieved through technology comprising inertial sensors, high-precision laser metrology, drag-free control and an ultraprecise micro-Newton propulsion system. The LISA Pathfinder mission is now in Phase C/Dthe Implementation Phase, and is due to be launched in 2010, with results on the performance of the system being available within 6 months thereafter.

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