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An exploded view of LISA Pathfinder's science module

An exploded view of LISA Pathfinder's science module

Date: 27 August 2015
Satellite: LISA Pathfinder
Copyright: ESA/ATG medialab

This exploded view shows LISA Pathfinder's science module – without multi-layer insulation – and the solar array.

The solar array provides power to the LISA Pathfinder payload and support systems, and shields its sensitive payload from the Sun.

Beneath the array, in this exploded view, are the test masses and their electrode housings, the optical bench interferometer, and vacuum enclosure. All of these components fit neatly within the central cylinder, which in turn slots into the centre of the science module.

The science module also contains support systems for LISA Pathfinder's scientific experiments, and carries micronewton thrusters on its outer panels to adjust the position of the spacecraft.

Not shown in this artist's impression is the propulsion module, which will help LISA Pathfinder reach its final orbital location.

Note: a version of this image with a transparent background and a clean cut out of the spacecraft is available in two sizes: 1276×2000 [png, 1.8 MB] and 3604×5648 [png, 9.7 MB].

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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