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Follow the LISA Pathfinder launch live

Follow the LISA Pathfinder launch live

30 November 2015

LISA Pathfinder will be launched on Thursday 3 December at 04:04 UTC (05:04 CET). Information on how to follow the launch and media briefing live can be found here.

Timeline of the launch.

Vega VV06 launch webcast live from Kourou, starting at 03:44 GMT (04:44 CET).

Media briefing live from the ESOC operations centre, expected starting time 05:30 GMT (06:30 CET).

The media briefing will begin while Vega is still in flight, just prior to separation and the critical first receipt of signals from LISA Pathfinder, expected around 05:51 GMT (06:51 CET).

Programme for media briefing

(all times in CET)

06:30 Start of press briefing
  Introduction to LISA Pathfinder, launcher separation and acquisition of signal
Paolo Ferri, Head of ESA Operations, and Arvind Parmar, Head of ESA Scientific Support Office
06:49 Spacecraft separation from launcher expected
06:51 Acquisition of signal expected
  Continuation of the press briefing

The journey to L1
Florian Renk, LISA Pathfinder Mission Analyst, ESA

Why do we need to investigate the Gravitational Universe?
Oliver Jennrich, LISA Pathfinder Deputy Mission Scientist, ESA

How will LISA Pathfinder test the technology to measure gravitational waves?
William Weber, LISA Pathfinder scientist, University of Trento

What will LISA Pathfinder do in the coming months?
Martin Hewitson, LISA Pathfinder scientist, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)

Industrial and technological challenges of LISA Pathfinder
Eckhard Settelmeyer, Director Earth Observation, Navigation and Science, Airbus DS
08:00 Question and Answer session
08:10  Individual interviews with programme speakers; joint breakfast for media and speakers
09:00  End of event


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