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Call for Letters of Intent

Call for Letters of Intent

11 May 2005

LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) is a collaborative ESA/NASA mission to detect and observe gravitational waves with a launch currently foreseen in the timeframe of 2012/2013. LISA will interferometrically measure the changes in distance between free-falling proof masses that are due to gravitational waves.

To extract the astrophysical parameters of the sources, a substantial effort in data analysis is necessary. Therefore, ESA intends to carry out a study of the data analysis requirements and planning in support of the ongoing Mission Formulation phase for LISA. The objectives of the study include the following tasks:

  • To identify and prioritize the areas of data analysis, astrophysics, and physics that still require investment in research.
  • To formulate requirements on the data that will be returned from the spacecraft, including types of data, data rates, and continuity.
  • To assess the viability of existing algorithms for data analysis.
  • To develop algorithms able to meet the core science goals and formulate a plan for further software development.
  • To issue data format specifications.
  • To define the architecture of the data analysis hardware and software. This includes an assessment of hard- and software necessary as well as studying the implications on hardware location and the infrastructure.

The purpose of this call is to probe the interest of the community in participating in this study. Individual scientists and research groups in the member states can express their intent to participate in the study by submitting a Letter of Intent describing in which way they want to contribute to an activity, the resources (full time equivalents) that can be committed to the activities, and the expected source of funding.

The proposed activities do not need to be limited to those mentioned on the list above; in this case please provide a short description of the proposed activity as well.

Letters of Intent should be submitted by 4 July 2005 to the LISA Project Scientist O. Jennrich (, from whom further information can also be obtained.

In order to provide more detailed information on the scope of the foreseen study, a briefing meeting will take place on 24 May, 14:00 at ESA HQ.  Those interested in participating are kindly asked to notify O. Jennrich (

Details on the LISA mission can be found in these pages and further details on the LISA Data Analysis Study can found at the RSSD Website.

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