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Large Observatory for X-ray Timing
Measuring the motion of matter orbiting close to the event horizon of a black hole, and the state of matter in neutron stars.
Theme How does matter behave under extreme conditions?
Primary Goal To directly study strong-field gravity, black hole masses and spins, and the equation of state of ultra-dense matter via high-time-resolution X-ray observations of compact objects.
Targets Galactic black holes, neutron star binaries, Active Galactic Nuclei, Supermassive black holes.
Wavelength X-ray (2 - 50 keV)
Orbit Equatorial 600-km low Earth orbit
Lifetime 4 years
Type M-class candidate mission

Mission timeline

  • 2024: Targeted launch date
  • February 2014: PLATO was selected as M3 - the third medium-class mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision Programme
  • 2013: Under assessment - decision from Science Programme Committee (SPC) expected by February 2014
  • February 2013: Science payload consortium selected
  • October 2011: Invitation to Tender issued to industry
  • September 2011: Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) study performed
  • February 2011: LOFT is one of four missions selected for further study
  • 2010: Proposed as an M-Class mission in response to Call for Proposals
Last Update: 1 September 2019
18-Jul-2024 01:23 UT

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