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MarcoPolo-R Science Requirements Document

MarcoPolo-R Science Requirements Document

Publication date: 20 September 2012

Issue: 1, Rev 5
Year: 2012

Copyright: ESA

This document describes the detailed scientific requirements for the MarcoPolo-R mission. These requirements are derived from discussions by the MarcoPolo-R Science Study Team (SST) and are based on the scientific objectives as described in the MarcoPolo-R Proposal to ESA's Cosmic Vision programme.

The first issue of this document served as a starting point for an ESA-internal study in the Concurrent Design Facility (CDF). It was left unchanged for the industrial studies, but underwent a few updates driven both by the industrial studies and the payload-related studies.

In case of the selection of this mission for implementation, another update of the document may be required to reflect updates in the scientific progress during the time of the study, resulting in an Issue 2.

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