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Planck Telescope FM Arrives at ESTEC

Planck Telescope FM Arrives at ESTEC

27 June 2006

Saturday, 24 June, the Planck telescope flight model transport arrived at the ESTEC site in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Transport with Planck telescope Flight Model entering the ESTEC site

The model is undergoing preparation for a major test that will be performed in the coming weeks: videogrammetry measurements of its geometry, at room temperature and also under vacuum at low temperature (around 100 K, or -173 °C), in ESTEC's Large Space Simulator (LSS) facility. Preliminary videogrammetry measurements have already been taken today 27 June, while the telescope is still outside the LSS vacuum chamber and such measurements are still relatively simple to perform.

Preliminary videogrammetry measurements of the Planck telescope

After a full Test Readiness Review to be held in the first days of July and a pump-down and cool-down period, the videogrammetry measurements of the telescope at low temperatures (100-110K) will be performed in the Large Space Simulator.


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