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Planck Telescope Flight Model Ready for Videogrammetry

Planck Telescope Flight Model Ready for Videogrammetry

13 July 2006

During the last week, specialist from the AAS-F and ESA Planck project have carefully aligned the Planck Telescope Flight Model as well as prepared and verified the videogrammetry set-up foreseen to verify the Planck telescope alignment in vacuum and cold conditions inside the Large Space Simulator (LSS).

Top view of Planck Telescope FM inside the LSS

Last view of Planck Telescope FM before closing the LSS

The videogrammetry measurements method requires retroreflecting targets on the test object (in this case the Planck telescope FM) in order to obtain the positional data of the object under verification.  Each target is imaged using two cameras.  During the testing, the telescope will be rotated to different positions.  The exact position of each retroreflecting target will be computed using a complex analysis.  By doing the measurement for different temperatures down to 100 Kelvin, the geometry and alignment of the telescope will be verified to operational temperatures.

Installation of the LSS top cover

Closing of last LSS access door

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