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SZ@2011: A New Era for SZ Science

SZ@2011: A New Era for SZ Science

Start date: 28 Jun 2011
Address: Santander, Spain

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The Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in galaxy clusters is quickly becoming a very active field with the advent of new and abundant high quality data. Among some of the most prominent experiments, SPT and ACT are starting to show the power of dedicated SZ experiments in order to detect unknown and distant galaxy clusters. In addition, new radio, SZ, IR, optical and X-ray data collected on already known clusters opens up new opportunities to perform truly multifrequency science. In the coming years, the All-Sky Planck data will reveal the most massive clusters of our Universe that will be able to be seen through the SZ effect.

The year 2011 will be exciting and full of new results for SZ oriented science. This meeting will focus on the latest developments in the field of the SZ effect and its potentiality in future science, but also in its integration with data from other wavelengths. Special attention will be given to the possibilities of multiwavelength science, combining SZ, X-rays, and lensing.

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