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PLATO 2.0 Science Workshop - Announcement

PLATO 2.0 Science Workshop - Announcement

19 April 2013

The "PLATO 2.0 Science Workshop" will be held at ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, on 29-31 July, 2013. The workshop is open to the interested community and will examine the impact that PLATO will make on all areas of exoplanet, stellar, and legacy science areas.

PLATO 2.0 is a candidate mission for the M3 launch opportunity in ESA's Cosmic Vision programme. It has been designed and optimized from the outset specifically to detect habitable-zone rocky planets around bright solar type stars.

The workshop's preliminary programme addresses a range of topics, describing the mission and where PLATO 2.0 will make an impact:

  • The PLATO 2.0 Mission
  • Exoplanet science in the next decade
  • Asteroseismology across the HR diagram
  • Composition and internal structure of planets
  • Planet formation and evolution
  • Indications for extended atmospheres around small planets
  • Star-planet interaction, stellar activity and planet detection
  • Legacy science

For full details of this meeting, please see the workshop web page

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