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Signatures of Slow Solar Wind Streams from Active Regions in the Inner Corona

Signatures of Slow Solar Wind Streams from Active Regions in the Inner Corona

Publication date: 02 July 2013

Authors: Slemzin, V. et al

Journal: Solar Physics
Volume: 286
Issue: 1
Page: 157
Year: 2013

Copyright: Springer Netherlands

The identification of solar-wind sources is an important question in solar physics. The existing solar-wind models (e.g., the Wang-Sheeley-Arge model) provide the approximate locations of the solar wind sources based on magnetic field extrapolations. It has been suggested recently that plasma outflows observed at the edges of active regions may be a source of the slow solar wind. To explore this we analyze an isolated active region (AR) adjacent to small coronal hole (CH) in July/August 2009. On 1 August, Hinode/EUV Imaging Spectrometer observations showed two compact outflow regions in the corona. Coronal rays were observed above the active-region coronal hole (ARCH) region on the eastern limb on 31 July by STEREO-A/EUVI and at the western limb on 7 August by CORONAS-Photon/TESIS telescopes. In both cases the coronal rays were co-aligned with open magnetic-field lines given by the potential field source surface model, which expanded into the streamer. The solar-wind parameters measured by STEREO-B, ACE, Wind, and STEREO-A confirmed the identification of the ARCH as a source region of the slow solar wind. The results of the study support the suggestion that coronal rays can represent signatures of outflows from ARs propagating in the inner corona along open field lines into the heliosphere.

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