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SMART-1 Pre-Launch Activities

SMART-1 Pre-Launch Activities

This page provides an overview of the key events during the early phases of the SMART-1 mission. From the definition of the mission, through the spacecraft development and testing, up to the shipment of the completed spacecraft to Kourou from where SMART-1 was launched.

June 1998 - Response to SMART-1 AO

News: SMART-1 experiment proposals

November 1998 - SPC approves the mission baseline

News: SMART-1 mission baseline endorsed

November 1999 - SMART-1 enters development phase

News: SMART-1 mission finalised by SPC

June 2000 - Building the SMART-1 mock-up

News: First spacecraft model is assembled

Spring 2001 - Building the SMART-1 structural model

The STM takes shape

On 13 March 2001, SMART-1 began to take shape as assembly of the structural model (STM) began at the APCO integration facility in Vevey, Switzerland.

By the end of March, the STM was shipped to Saab-Ericsson-Space, in Linköping, Sweden, where they proceeded with the integration of the complete SMART-1 STM.

News: Structural model takes shape

Summer 2001 - SMART-1 structural model testing at ESTEC

Testing of the STM

A series of tests were performed on the SMART-1 structural model during the early summer of 2001. In particular, acoustic, vibration and shock tests were carried out at ESTEC in order to test the structural integrity of the SMART-1 design.

News: SMART-1 passes its vibration test

Summer 2003 - Final Tests of the Flight Model

Deploying solar panel

The spacecraft

Test equipment

Summer 2003 - Preparing Flight Model for Shipment

The ion drive

Lowering onto cradle

Prepare for transport

Summer 2003 - SMART-1 passes Flight Readiness Review

Following the confirmation of SMART-1's readiness for shipment, by the Mission Flight Acceptance Review (MFAR) board meeting on 8 July 2003, the spacecraft was transported from ESTEC to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on 14 July. From there the spacecraft was flown to Kourou on an Antonov 124 cargo plane.

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