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Region Around SMART-1 Impact Site Annotated

Region Around SMART-1 Impact Site Annotated

Date: 01 August 2006
Depicts: SMART-1 impact site region on 3 September 2006, 00:38 UT
Copyright: ESA & Virtual Moon Atlas & Clementine Project, BMDO, NRL, LLNL

This view shows the region on the Moon around the SMART-1 impact site, with the lunar phase of 00:38UT on 3 September 2006 (time of perilune on last orbit before nominal impact orbit). The red diamond marks the Smart-1 Crash Site as Revised on 6 August 2006 (S1C-R) with the coordinates 46.25° W, 36.44° S. The features from the pointing roadmap are labelled. At the given time, ~5 hours before nominal impact, the terminator has entered the field of view on the right, and has passed crater Dunthorne. The region west of the terminator is only illuminated by Earthshine.
Last Update: 1 September 2019
18-Jul-2024 14:35 UT

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