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Mission Update - 1510 UT

Mission Update - 1510 UT

3 September 2006

The SMART-1 mission has ended with a controlled impact with the lunar surface. Impact occurred at 05:42.21.759 UT. Approximate impact coordinates are 34.4 S, 46.2 W on the edge of Lacus Excellentiae.

3 September 2006

15:10 UT - New Images released
Several new images and a report on radio observations have been added to the Results from Observations page.

09:30 UT - Observations Confirmed
CFHT report observing a flash at the moment of impact. Two associated images are available on the right-hand side: one of the observed flash and one showing a contour plot of the intensity.

06:36 UT - Official ESA Press Release
Click here for official ESA press release.

06:17 UT - Images from SMART-1
Click here for images taken in the final orbits of SMART-1's voyage around the Moon.

05:45 UT
Impact confirmed.....more details to follow shortly.

05:30 UT - 0h13m to impact
Last data from spacecraft can be obtained at 13 minutes before impact

05:28 UT - 0h15m to impact
Click here for the ESOC webcam showing activities at mission control in Darmstadt, Germany

04:57 UT - 0h46m to impact
Click here for the CFHT webcam showing the outside of the observatory

04:24 UT - 1h19m to impact
The MDM telescope at Kitt Peak observatory report poor weather conditions and are unlikely to be able to observe. The skies over Hawaii are, however, clear.

04:03 UT - 1h40m to impact
SMART-1 is now in its final orbit around the Moon. Impact is scheduled for 05:43 UT.

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