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Solar Orbiter - Mission Profile, Main Goals & Present Status

Solar Orbiter - Mission Profile, Main Goals & Present Status

Publication date: 02 May 2005

Authors: Marsch, E., et al.

Journal: Journal: - Adv. Space Res.
Volume: 36
Issue: 8
Page: 1360-1366
Year: 2005

The main goals and present status of the Solar Orbiter mission are briefly described. Solar Orbiter will determin in-situ the properties of fields and particles in the unexplored near-Sun heliosphere in three dimensions, investigate remotely the fine-scale structures and events in the magnetically coupled layers of the Sun's atmosphere, identify througfh near corotation the links between activity on the solar surface and the resulting evolution of the inner heliosphere, and observe from relatively high latitudes the polar regions and equatorial corona. Some results from recent activities, such as industrial studies, payload working group meetings, science definition team meetings and ESA internal studies are briefly reviewed. Solar Orbiter is currently planned for launch in October 2013.

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