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Registration Form for the European Workshop on Lunar Landers

Registration Form for the European Workshop on Lunar Landers

Dear colleague,

This workshop is organised on the initiative of the European Lunar Lander working Group formed during the Planetary Landers workshop in Koln on 18 February 2004. The group met several times and reported at Koln, EGU Nice, EGU Vienna, COSPAR Paris, Bad Honnef, ILEWG. The workshop is open to interested scientists and experts of all nationalities. We would appreciate if you can advertise this to relevant colleagues. We invite poster or short oral presentations related to possible science and payload elements of lunar lander missions. An outcome will be a list of science and exploration European priorities for lunar landers, and an input for assessing their technical feasibility.

If you are interested in the Workshop and have not registered yet, please return this reply form to B.H. Foing, (copy to Sun Deby,

[ ] I am interested in participating in the lunar lander workshop,

    on [ ] 15 Dec pm and
    on [ ] 16 Dec

[ ] I wish to contribute a poster presentation.

    Abstract [<300 words]:

I wish to participate in the splinter groups:

    [ ] Landing/technologies
    [ ] Geo/Ice
    [ ] Life/Environment

[ ] I cannot participate, but send a short input that can be discussed by moderators of splinter sessions.

[ ] I am interested in supporting activities of the European Lunar Lander Working Group


Best regards,

For the European Lunar Lander Working Group, 

Bernard H. Foing

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3-Oct-2022 04:37 UT

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