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ESA Science at EGU

ESA Science at EGU

16 April 2007

ESA Solar System Highlights: Sharing New Results and Shaping the FutureESA will be present at the 2007 General Assembly of the European GeosciencesUnion (EGU), which takes place in Vienna, Austria, from 16 to 20 April. NewESA mission results will be presented at different sessions. The interactiveESA exhibit stand will permit to share information and material with thecommunity, both on Earth sciences and planetary sciences, and also features atutorial on how to access the on-line ESA planetary data.

Monday 16 April
08:30-19:00 PS2.2 Recent Mars Science (A. Chicarro)
08:30-12:00 ST10 Coupling processes of radiation belts and plasmasphere (H. Laakso)
17:30-19:30 PS1.5 Social benefits of Exploration (B.H.Foing)
Tuesday 17 April
8:30 - 17:00 PS5 Planetary Plasma Physics (includes presentations on Mars, Venus and Saturn)
13:30-19:00 PS2.1 Venus Express: one year in orbit (H. Svedhem)
Wednesday 18 April
08:30-15:00 PS2.0 Open Session on Terrestrial Planets (J. Benkhoff)
15:30-19:00 PS1.0 Exploring the Solar System - Missions and Techniques(P. Falkner, B.H. Foing)
Thursday 19 April
8:30 - 15:15 PS3.0 Outer planets and satellites (focus on Titan)
13:30-15:15 GI7/PS1.2 Planetary Landers and Instrumentation (P. Falkner)
Friday 20 April
08:30-17:00 ST5 The 3D heliosphere at solar minimum (R. Marsden)
13:30-19:30 PS2.4 Lunar science and exploration (B.H.Foing)

Some briefings for media are planned,including:

  • Social benefits of exploration (Monday 16 April 16:00-17:00)
  • SMART-1 results and future lunar missions (Thursday 19 April 16:00-17:00)

Come to visit the ESA interactive stand, and learn how to use ESA planetary data (daily tutorial session at 12:00 and 18:00, with Maud Barthelemy).

Reports from EGU will be posted on the ESA scitech website.


Bernard H. Foing, ESA SCI-S,
Salim Ansari, ESA SCI-M,


EGU assembly 2007:
ESA SciTech website:

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