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Multispacecraft view

Multispacecraft view

Date: 15 August 2017
Satellite: SOHO, PROBA2
Depicts: Coronal mass ejection on 14 October 2014
Copyright: SDO/NASA; SOHO (ESA & NASA); NASA/Stereo; ESA/Royal Observatory of Belgium

Observations of the 14 October 2014 coronal mass ejection seen by various Sun-watching spacecraft. The eruption began at around 18:30 GMT, and was first observed at 18:48 GMT by SOHO. These images show different views at different times during the event. While NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), the ESA/NASA Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and ESA's Proba-2 were close to Earth and saw the event play out from the left in these images, NASA's Stereo-A was positioned on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth and as such saw it on the right.

An arrow points to the source location. Bright loops persisted in the active region for more than a day after the initial detection.

From left to right the images were taken by the SDO Atmospheric Imaging Assembly with the 131 Å filter, the SOHO LASCO C2 (a coronagraph (outer circle) covers the disc of the Sun (inner white outline) to better see the extent of solar atmosphere), the Stereo-A SECCHI imager at extreme ultraviolet wavelengths, and the Proba-2 SWAP telescope.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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