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ESA Research Fellow wins 1999 Scarf Award

ESA Research Fellow wins 1999 Scarf Award

2 March 1999

Dr David Lario, Research Fellow in the Solar System Division of the Space Science Department of ESA has been selected as the winner of the 1999 Scarf Award.This award given to the graduate student judged to have presented and defended the best PhD dissertation in the period under review.

His dissertation was entitled: "Propagation of low-energy particles through the interplanetary medium: modelling the influence of the parent interplanetary shock". This work was conducated at the University of Barcelona, Spain, under the supervision of Dr Blai Sanahuja and Dr Ana M. Heras. The selection was particularly difficult this year as the other dissertations undergoing review were also of excellent quality.

David Lario was born in Badalona (Spain). He studied physics at the University of Barcelona and graduated with honours in 1991. The next year he got a position as assistant teacher at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Analysis of the same University. That same year, he started his graduate studies at the Department of Astronomy and Meteorology under the supervision of Dr. Blai Sanahuja and Dr. Ana M. Heras. The topic of his doctoral work was the acceleration and propagation of energetic particles in the interplanetary medium. This work involved the modelling of particle transport along the magnetic field as well as magnetohydrodynamic shock simulations. He received his doctorate in physics, cum laude, from the University of Barcelona in July 1997; this work was awarded with honours by the same University in 1998.

Shortly afterwards, David Lario was awarded with an ESA's postdoctoral fellowship. He moved to the Space Science Department of the European Space Agency to work together with Dr Richard G. Marsden and Dr Trevor R. Sanderson. His current research activity includes the analysis of energetic particle events in the heliosphere at different heliocentric distances (Ulysses, Wind, etc.), the study of their association with solar phenomena, and the numerical simulation of these type of events.

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