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ESA Bulletin 63 - Ulysses Launch Issue

ESA Bulletin 63 - Ulysses Launch Issue

Publication date: 02 July 1990

Journal: ESA Bulletin
Volume: 63
Page: pp. 7-79
Year: 1990

Copyright: ESA


7. Ulysses in the Context of the ESA Scientific Programme
R.M. Bonnet
10. Ulysses - A Brief History
K.-P. Wenzel & D. Eaton
13. Ulysses - An ESA/NASA Cooperative Programme
W. Meeks & D. Eaton
21. The Scientific Mission of Ulysses
K.-P. Wenzel et al.
29. The Ulysses Scientific Payload
P.J. Caseley & R.G. Marsden
40. The Ulysses Spacecraft
A. Hawkyard & P. Buia
51. RTGs - The Powering of Ulysses
E.F. Mastal & R.W. Campbell
57. The Ulysses Launch Campaign
J.P. Leertouwer & D. Eaton
61. Post-Launch Operations and Data Production
P. Beech & D. Meyer
66. Orbit Design and Control for Ulysses
M. Rosengren
70. Industrial Cooperation on Ulysses
G. Hampel
73. The Ulysses Storage and Recertification Activities
D. Eaton
78. The International Heliospheric Study
D.E. Page

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