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Venus Express on the Right Track

Venus Express on the Right Track

Publication date: 05 October 2004

Authors: J. Fabrega, T. Schirmann, R. Schmidt, D. McCoy

Journal: ref. IAC-04-Q.2.a.07
Page: pp. 1-9
Year: 2004

Copyright: Astrium

A paper originally presented by EADS Astrium at the 55th IAC in Vancouver in October 2004.

On October 26th of next year, Venus Express spacecraft will depart from Baikonur on-board the Soyuz/Fregat Launch Vehicle. It will be the very first European mission to the "morning star", two years after the first European trip to Mars. Venus Express will carry 7 science payloads dedicated to global investigation of the Venusian atmosphere.

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