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No. 20 - Perihelion Passage onto Venus Approach

No. 20 - Perihelion Passage onto Venus Approach

Report for period 17 March to 23 March 2006The Venus approach phase is proceeding according to schedule with all planned activities conducted successfully.

The latest assessment of the trajectory has confirmed the need for a Trajectory Correction Manoeuvre to be executed at VOI - 13 days. This manoeuvre will set the spacecraft on the final trajectory to the target point for arrival.

DDOR measurements with ESA and DSN ground stations are continuously conducted.

On DoY 080 (21 March) Venus Express reached its closest point to the Sun (about 105.27 million km). The spacecraft is now heading away from the Sun and will re-cross the orbit of Venus on 11 April.

The table below shows a chronology of the main activities in the reporting period:

MET (Day) Date DOY Main Activity
129 17/03/06 076 SC monitoring a S-TX2 Switch ON
130 18/03/06 077 SC monitoring and Goldstone proficiency pass
131 19/03/06 078 SC monitoring
132 20/03/06 079 OBSM activities to fix AR-16 and Madrid sweep test
133 21/03/06 080 IMP Switched to 6 axes and HTR8A Management extended
134 22/03/06 081 SC monitoring
135 23/03/06 082 CEB/NNO DDOR and SC monitoring

At the end of the last Cebreros pass in the reporting period (DOY 082, 13:00) Venus Express was at 93.3 million km from the Earth, 105.3 million km from the Sun, and 7.5 million km from Venus. The one-way signal travel time was 312 seconds.

Payload Activities

The instrument is off.

The instrument is off.

The instrument is off.

The instrument is off.

The USO is kept powered but muted.

The instrument is off.

The instrument is off.

Future Milestones

Activities for the Venus approach will continue for the next weeks including a re-targeting manoeuvre to be executed in the evening of DoY 088 (29 March). After the manoeuvre the focus will be on the final orbit determination and the preparation for the commands for the activities of VOI and the capture orbit.

As from DoY 082 the whole ground segment will be frozen in order to prevent unauthorised changes to the configuration before the orbit insertion.

As from DoY 094 dual stations coverage (Cebreros and New Norcia) will begin and will be maintained untill after VOI.

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