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Venus Express Enters Orbit

Venus Express Enters Orbit

10 April 2006

Venus Express has arrived at Venus after a 50 minute burn of the main engine and entered orbit around the planet. More details at

ESOC Main Control Room, 57 minutes before start of main engine burn

10 to 11 April 2006: Final preparations for the manoeuvre
24 hours to 12 hours before VOI, spacecraft controllers will command Venus Express into its final configuration for the burn.

11 April 2006, 06:03 (UT): Venus Express slew manoeuvre
This manoeuvre lasts about half an hour and rotates Venus Express so that the main engine faces the direction of motion.

11 April 2006 07:07 (UT): start of Venus Express Orbit Insertion Activities

Event Spacecraft Time
Ground Receive
Time (UTC)
VOI LSP start 07:07:59 07:14:44

VOI main engine start 07:10:29 07:17:14

Pericentre passage 07:36:37

Eclipse start 07:37:45

Occultation start
(loss of S-band signal)
07:38:27 07:45:12

Occultation end 07:48:33 07:55:18

Eclipse end 07:55:13

VOI burn end 08:00:42 08:07:28


12 to 13 April 2006: Spacecraft full reactivation starts
During the 24 hours following the orbital capture, time will be dedicated to reactivate all spacecraft functions, including all internal monitoring capacity.

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