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No. 33 - Routine Science Operations

No. 33 - Routine Science Operations

Report for Period 18 June to 24 June 2006During the reporting period the mission operations have been conducted according to the plan. Minor problems with the ground station and with the new Mission Control System have slightly affected the operations.

The table below shows a chronology of the main activities in the reporting period:

MET (Day) Date DOY VPER# Main Activity
222 18/06/06 169 58 Routine science operations
223 19/06/06 170 59 Routine science operations
224 20/06/06 171 60 Routine science operations
225 21/06/06 172 61 Routine science operations
226 22/06/06 173 62 Routine science operations
227 23/06/06 174 63 Routine science operations
228 24/06/06 175 64 Routine science operations

At the end of the last Cebreros pass in the reporting period (DOY 175, 14:00) Venus Express was orbiting Venus at 200.5 million km from the Earth. The one-way signal travel time was 668 seconds.

Payload Activities

The instrument is regularly operated.

The instrument is regularly operated as part of the routine plan.

The instrument is currently OFF and is not included in the routine planning. Any further attempt to move the scanner is now suspended until further notice.

The instrument is regularly operated as part of the routine plan.

A third bistatic radar observation has been conducted in the reporting period. As for the first two observations some evidence of echoes have been seen in real-time at the DSN Canberra station, data are now being processed by the PI teams for further evidence.

The instrument is regularly operated as part of the routine plan.

The instrument is regularly operated as part of the routine plan.

Ground Segment

During the reporting period Venus Express has been supported by daily passes with Cebreros.

The Bistatic Radar operation has been conducted with the support of the Canberra DSN station. Operations were successful and data are being analysed.

Future Milestones

Operations for the next weeks have been duly planned and the routine science phase will continue according to the plan. The next reporting period will be the final commanding cycle of MTP002.

The Earth occultations season will start on 11 July and will continue untill the end of August. Several radio science observations have been scheduled for this time frame.

The next milestone for the mission is the preparation of the Mission Commissioning Results Review to be held end of June.

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