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Ground Based View of Venus

Ground Based View of Venus

Date: 04 June 2007
Depicts: Venus
Copyright: Jean-Pierre Prost

Ground based images of Venus obtained by Jean-Pierre Prost, France, with a 212 mm Cassegrain telescope at f/34. South on Venus is down in the three images.

Observing location
Coordinates N 43° 39' / E 07° 00'
Altitude 162 m
Weather conditions
Cloud cover none
Seeing 7/10 for the 1st picture
5/10 for the other two
Transparency 6/10
Wind none
Temperature 23 °C
Telescope Takahashi CN 212
(a 212 mm Cassegrain used at F/34)
Camera Lumenera SKYnyx 2.0M, with 7.5 μm pixels
Camera Parameters
Type SKYnyx2-0M b/w #6060356
Bayer matrix MONO
Image size 640×480
Binning 1×1
Pixel format 16Bit grayscale
Capture frame speed .15 fps
Exposure 60.0 ms
Gain 17.1
Gamma 1.00
Contrast 1.00
Brightness 1.00
Focal length

7208 mm

Scale per pixel

0.214'' / pixel

Filter UV Schuler filter

Correction of background level (set to 0) for each raw picture, then stack of 2700 best images out of 4000 captured frames with IRIS software. Then wavelet processing with IRIS and finally Lucy Richardson processing with MAXIMDL software. Assembly of all the pictures in Photoshop.

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