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MAG: The Fluxgate Magnetometer of Venus Express

MAG: The Fluxgate Magnetometer of Venus Express

Publication date: 02 November 2007

Authors: Zhang, T.L., et al.

Journal: ESA Special Publication
Volume: SP 1295
Page: 1-10
Year: 2007

Copyright: ESA

The MAG (Magnetometer) instrument of Venus Express is investigating the plasma environment of Venus. Although Venus has no intrinsic magnetic moment, its magnetic field plays an important role in the interaction of the solar wind with the planet. The hardware, with heritage from the ROMAP Rosetta Lander magnetometer, consists of two sensors, an electronics box and a carbon fibre boom. One sensor is located on the tip of the boom, while the other is mounted on the spacecraft body; this configuration allows the magnetic effects of spacecraft origin to be separated from the ambient space magnetic field.

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