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Comparative Planetology: Venus-Earth-Mars

Comparative Planetology: Venus-Earth-Mars

Publication date: 03 August 2011

Authors: Svedhem, H., et al.

Journal: Planetary and Space Science
Volume: 59
Issue: 10
Page: 887-1112
Year: 2011

Copyright: Elsevier

Comparative planetology has long been a field of general interest but with a fairly small number of scientists actively involved. During the last decade, until recently, there has been no significant growth, possibly much due to lack of new data from Venus; perhaps the most obvious planet to compare with the Earth. Availability of ample data of high quality is of paramount importance for proper comparisons. With the arrival of Venus Express at Venus in March 2006 a new impulse to the field has been injected. Venus Express addresses a large number of topics relevant to comparative planetology; in particular in the field of atmospheric dynamics and chemistry, clouds and atmospheresolar wind interaction.

Mars has been the subject of significant interest and many space missions in the recent years. Being smaller and cooler and in several aspects more evolved, Mars is still a planet of great interest for comparison with the Earth on the other end of the parameter space.

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