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Mercury session at EGS Call for Papers

Mercury session at EGS Call for Papers

12 May 2000

It is planned to publish the proceedings of the EGS PS2 session dedicated to the planet Mercury, in Planetary and Space Science. This special issue is also open to contributions which were not presented in Nice, provided that they are directly related to Mercury science. Papers on missions, technologies and instrumentation specific to the exploration of Mercury are also invited. Deadline for submissions 31 July 2000

The papers will be considered as regular contributions and will be refereed before acceptation. The authors are asked to follow the instructions given in the last pages of any issue of Planet Space Sci.

Please send four copies of your paper written in English to:

EGS Editorial Office
Editorial Assistant
Katja Gaenger

37191 KIatlenburg-Lindau

and one copy to each of the Guest Editors:

Rejean Grard
Space Science Department
P.O. Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands

Andre Balogh
The Blackett Laboratory
Imperial College
London SW7 2BZ
United Kingdom
e-mail: a.balogh

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