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CHEOPS paper model - Assemble your own planet watcher

CHEOPS paper model - Assemble your own planet watcher

Publication date: 19 March 2018

Copyright: ESA/Science Office

Print out and build a paper model of CHEOPS, the CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite.

CHEOPS is a space science mission dedicated to the study of known exoplanets orbiting bright, nearby stars. It will use the technique of ultra-high precision photometry to measure accurate sizes of a large sample of Earth to Neptune-sized planets. By combining the accurate sizes determined by CHEOPS with existing mass measurements, it will be possible to establish the bulk density and composition of the planets; these, together with information on the host stars and the planets' orbits will be used to determine the planets' formation and evolutionary history.

CHEOPS is a small satellite with a total launch mass of approximately 300 kg and dimensions of 1.55m (height) × 1.49m (width, measured from solar array edge to edge) × 1.4m (depth).

The dark colours used in this paper model are representative of the true colours of the various spacecraft components. The paper model's scale is 1:15 when printed on DIN A4 paper.

CHEOPS is a partnership between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Switzerland.

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