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Cluster II contract signed

Cluster II contract signed

27 November 1997

The contract to provide the four Cluster II spacecraft has been signed with the Prime Contractor Daimler Benz Aerospace (Dornier), Germany. Agreements with all their sub-contractors for the provision of all the project elements.

The original Cluster mission, lost on 4 June 1996 with the explosion of the first Ariane 5 demonstration flight, is being replaced by Cluster 2, comprising the Phoenix spacecraft (being built with spares from the four original Cluster satellites) and three identical new satellites to be built by a European industrial consortium led by prime contractor Daimler Benz Aerospace (Dornier).

Cluster II replicates the original Cluster mission. Its aim is to investigate the physical interaction between the Sun and the Earth, with four spacecraft flying in tetrahedral formation.

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