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Cluster II collaboration with Chinese discussed

Cluster II collaboration with Chinese discussed

7 October 1999

The Cluster II mission to explore near-Earth space has attracted a greatdeal ofinterest from scientists in all parts of the world, not least the Chinese.Apart fromdirect participation in the exciting ESA mission, Chinese researchers arehoping to flytheir own 'mini-Cluster' mission, known as Double Star.Last month a team from ESA, which included Project Manager John Ellwood,ProjectScientist Philippe Escoubet and three scientific principal investigators,spent nine daysin Beijing discussing possible collaboration in Double Star with theirChinesecounterparts from the Centre for Space Science and Applied Research.

Double Star is a proposed Chinese mission to fly two small (150 kg) satellites, one in equatorial orbit and the other in a polar orbit. This duo could be used as a valuable extension to the scientific investigations made by the ESA quartet, since most of Double Star

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