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Spatio-temporal structure of storm-time chorus

Spatio-temporal structure of storm-time chorus

Publication date: 10 July 2003

Authors: Santolik, O., et al.

Journal: Journal Geophysical Research
Volume: 108
Issue: A7
Page: 1278
Year: 2003

Copyright: AGU

We discuss chorus emissions measured by the four Cluster spacecraft at close separations during a geomagnetically disturbed period on 18 April 2002. We analyze the lower band of chorus below one half of the electron cyclotron frequency, measured at a radial distance of 4.4 Earth's radii, within a 2000 km long source region located close to the equator. The characteristic wave vector directions in this region are nearly parallel to the field lines and the multipoint measurement demonstrates the dynamic character of the chorus source region, changing the Poynting flux direction at time scales shorter than a few seconds. The electric field waveforms of the chorus wave packets (forming separate chorus elements on power spectrograms) show a fine structure consisting of subpackets with a maximum amplitude above 30 mV/m. To study this fine structure we have used a sine-wave parametric model with a variable amplitude.

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